This referral form must be completed in its entirety to be considered. Referral submission does not guarantee an entry into the Diversion Program. Each potential participant will go through a screening process before a decision of acceptance is reached. Once accepted there will be a non-refundable fee of $199 that has to be paid for the participant to start the program. Angel’s Helping Hands reserves the right to drop any participant accepted into the program that does not meet the expectations and rules of the Diversion Program.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. 13-18 years old
2. Reside in Will County areas (Crete, University Park, Monee, etc.)
3. Youths with low-level/behavioral offenses (physical/verbal altercations, fights, threats, theft, etc.)

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Angel’s Helping Hands Diversion Program Referral Form

This application can be emailed or faxed to


Fax: (708) 933-6356


Applications can be completed and submitted directly below. 

Please list the relationship to the youth here (ex: Mother, Father, Court appointed legal guardian, etc.)
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The Diversion Program Coordinator will remain in communication with referrers at various points throughout the diversion program. 

After a referral is made, the Diversion Program Coordinator will take the following steps: 

  • Assessment: Coordinators assess youth in order to build an individualized case plan. This process includes interviewing youth, and their family, and using evidence-based risk/needs screening tools. 
  • Diversion Agreement & Service Referrals: The Diversion Program Coordinator will alert the referrers when the youth sign their diversion agreement. The Diversion Agreement is the formal agreement to participate in Angel’s Helping Hands Diversion Program and includes an individualized plan of services and requirements. The Diversion Program Coordinator will make referrals to any external services youth are required to participate in per their agreement. Referrers will be informed of the general diversion requirements and an anticipated diversion end date for the youth.
  • Case Management: The Diversion Program Coordinator will check in with the youth at a frequency determined during the diversion agreement phase. Coordinators help youth address any additional challenges that may come up throughout the diversion process. 
  • Case Completion: Upon completion, the Diversion Program Coordinator will notify the referrer of the youth’s success and the youth’s accomplishments on diversion. If the youth does not successfully complete the diversion program, the Diversion Program Coordinator will let the referrer know, and then the referrer will determine alternative actions. Participation is voluntary, and if the youth does not agree to participate, the referrer will be notified, and their case will be returned to the referrer.

This completed form can be emailed or faxed to the information provided below. 

Angel’s Helping Hands DP Referral Application

Angel’s Helping Hands Diversion Program 

Contact Persons: 

A’vril Smith, Diversion Program Coordinator & Dr. Angel White, Founder & President

Diversion Program Sites: 

Monee Elementary School: 25425 S Will Center Rd, Monee, IL 60449)

Governors State University: 1 University Pkwy, University Park, IL 60484



Fax: (708) 933-6356

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