• 28 years or older
  • Professional career or entrepreneurial woman
  • Live a positive lifestyle and is dependable
  • Genuinely want to impact the growth and development of young girls


We recommend the mentor dedicate a minimum of 8-10 hours a month to the program and activities.

• Commit to participate in the Mentorship Program for a minimum of nine (9) months.
• Meet with your mentee and engage in mentoring activities via in-person, zoom, or phone call for a minimum of one hour each week.
• Willingly share your experience and professional success in the organization.
• Support the organization’s mission, vision, and goals.
• Look for experiences that will stretch the mentee (i.e., shadowing during meetings, suggested readings, etc.).

• Stay accessible, committed, and engaged during the length of the program.
• Listen well, provide open and candid feedback.
• Offer encouragement through genuine positive reinforcement.
• Be a positive role model and share “lessons learned” from personal experiences.
• Respect a mentee individuality.
• Be a resource and a sounding board.
• Keep your conversations confidential.
• Let the Vice President know as soon as possible if you are having a problem connecting with your mentee.

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